5 Beginners tips to easily boost affiliate blog post income

Be anywhere, work anytime, earn in high digits with almost zero investment by your affiliate blogs.

Gen Z now using affiliate blogs as their sole means of income, and this strategy has made them wealthy overnight. Throughout the years, all creators and bloggers have found their way of generating high income by following their passion. But how to begin this affiliate blog journey or which is the right platform, who can guide and teach affiliate blogging, and a lot more, many questions should be answered first. So before we begin understanding these problems it is necessary to know what affiliate blogs are!

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

If you know how to sell value then affiliate marketing is your job. Over the decades we have seen many ordinary people becoming millionaires just with affiliate blogs. Now let me tell you the story of John Chow, he is considered to be a superstar in the field of affiliate marketing now. Starting from nil he generated his blogging income to 40,000 dollars/month in two years. Affiliate blogs are an absolute way of generating passive income.  Affiliate blogging is a way of promoting different products/services/brands via your blogging content and earning money through it.

But before you further proceed reading this article, let me tell you this is not come and become the rich platform, you have to put in the extra effort and learn the art of affiliate blogging. There are numerous courses and mentors are available online to make you a pro. So before getting into the tips here are some things as a beginner you should keep in mind, as you head start your affiliate blogs.

How Affiliate Blogging works!

As a beginner, you might want to know how affiliate marketing works! Well, here’s your answer.

What you do is, basically you build a decent audience before initiating affiliate marketing. After raising the crowd at your channel/ website, you start collaborating/ promoting brands or their services to your audience with your articles or blogs. These brands generally set up an affiliate id for you, this affiliate ID/URL is a unique link, which you further use in your blogs while promoting it. So whoever checks your affiliated blog, clicks on this link, and ends up purchasing the service gets detected and you get money according to the agreement.

So let’s summarize the whole process:

Your stage > Your crowd > Promoting the brand with unique affiliate ID/URL > Your audience becomes their consumer via your blog > You generate income

Now that you have understood how the whole process works, you have got the idea that your income with affiliate blogs entirely depends on the number of consumers who opt-in for services, so you must be sure you encourage them to purchase the services.

According to the latest data analysis by Awin, it has been concluded that around 65 percent of affiliate marketers have built traffic by blogging. So it is known that good content can be more effective and improvising to run campaigns and promote brands. But there are cons of affiliate blogging that may fail you. So have a look and try to understand it before heading further.

As people assume affiliate blogging to be a cost-effective profit-earning way. So around the years, a noticeable rise in affiliate bloggers is also observed. This has increased competition in affiliate blogging. So if you become careless and unreasonable to your audience you end up losing it.

Apart from the competition, there are a lot of scams that are currently on the affiliate sites. To protect yourself from these frauds you should always check the content of the affiliate’s site.

As you gained general knowledge now regarding the pros and cons of affiliate blogging. Let just know more about how to start your affiliate blogging journey.

1. Start learning from experts:

Almost 75 percent of merchants have profited and scaled up their revenues via affiliate marketing and are extremely satisfied with the results.

Affiliate Marketing is just another marketing that needs a high convincing strategy for your audience. This can be easily established by knowing your crowd better. And many experts are ready to teach you online, the courses and mentors available online to name a few are:

  • John Chow 
  • Pat Flynn (Smart passive income blog)
  • Matthew Woodward
  • I am Attila
  • Spencer haws
2. Choose the right affiliate products: 

 Stop wasting time by fake promotions, always tell the truth and promote products and services that you genuinely love. Join affiliate networks that will help you to find admirable products for your affiliate blog. 

Now that you have earned the basics of affiliate blogging. Here are 5  tips to know before you start your affiliate blogs.


Reports from fetch profits say that more than 80 percent of marketers predict their affiliate marketing revenue will rise in the upcoming future.

So if you want any content services for your website you can connect with us now.

1. Attract the Right Audience With the Right Keywords

To build affiliated sales, it is necessary to catch the right audience that might need the service that you just called up. But how to engage the right audience to your blog? The answer is keywords now if you place the right keywords, Google does its work and sends you traffic that you asked for. Some SEO tools can help you with building SEO fulfilled content. To name a few there are:

  • Ubbersuggest
  • Ubbersugest is the right place for you to add the most trending and searched keywords.
  • Ahrfs

This can give a detailed review of your website and guide you through trending keywords.

As working with different SEO tools at the same time producing valuable content is hectic! If you want hassle-free quality content, you can call up for free consultancy at Mtrench Enterprise we are here to provide SEO-developed content at very affordable rates. Book free consultancy here, and know more about our SEO services 

2. Drive traffic by Facebook or social media ads.

Now as we all know, social media ads can drive enough traffic to your blog so it’s worth spending a few bucks on ads. But if you decide to go this way, be sure don’t just predict any assumptions and know what can be converted to sales and what will never. 

3. Become the pro of the product that you are gonna promote 

To understand the product, you need to be its consumer first. Some of the successful affiliates know and apply this tip. They have become known at affiliate marketing because they were very good at using the services or products and putting up the real experiences. 

4. Make evergreen content 

In this frequently changing world, your content should be timeless. It should never be contextual towards present conditions only. As evergreen content can have a long-lasting, engagement effect and you can earn more.

5. Be relevant

Try to observe your products meet daily necessities for example if your audience engages with healthy lifestyle-driven content and you promote bakery brands and their cakes. They ain’t gonna purchase it.


Let’s wrap up the whole for you, No it’s not an easy income tool. You should be ready to sharpen your skills before entering this field. Know your audience for generating high engaging content. Also, know the product before putting it up for your crowd. Now go, get your affiliate marketing journey started. If you need any content writing or SEO services you can reach out to us by clicking here.

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