Localization of Google Ads and Marketing Campaigns

    Localized Campaigns are simply that. Create a new campaign and use geo-targeting to specify the distance around your business or an address that you wish to target. This allows you to focus locally by a targeted radius for every major city if you choose to do so.

    Increase footfall to your store with Google Ads

    Pinpoint your location on the map

    The first step in increasing foot traffic to your store or office is to ensure that people can find you both online and on the street. Verify your business on Google Maps and in the correct location by using Google Business Profile. 

    It’s free, and any of your potential visitors will be able to get directions the moment they decide to come and visit you. Once you’ve been verified, you’ll want to connect your Google Ads account to your Google Business Profile account so you can use other Google Ads features. Continue reading to learn more about the features you can use to improve your local online advertising strategy.

    Reach local customers with location targeting

    If your advertising goal is to increase in-store traffic, and your shop is in Nagercoil, for example, it may not make sense to show ads across India – because you’d be wasting money reaching people who won’t want to travel that far to visit you. You could instead use Google Ads’ location targeting feature.

    This option allows you to limit the geographic areas in which your advertisement is displayed, allowing you to show your ads only to people who are searching near your business. Location targeting is highly recommended for businesses with physical locations, not only because it attracts new customers at the right time, but also because it allows you to use your Google Ads budget more effectively.

    Show your address with location extensions

    Some people may be looking for a business like yours right away, rather than exploring your website first. Location extensions can help you accommodate these ready-to-go customers. 

    These include your address in your advertisement and provide directions to your business via Google Maps. Location extensions in mobile advertising include a clickable link and, on supported devices, can also show how close a user is to your business.

    Draw visitors to your door with location extension targeting

    Consider using location extensions to further target your ads if you already use them. Location extension targeting differs from regular location targeting. With regular targeting, your ads will appear only in the areas you specify, based on your normal bid amounts. 

    With extension targeting, your ad can appear in a larger geographical area, but you can also choose a smaller physical radius around your store and set a higher bid on searches performed within it. Your bid amount will automatically adjust, and you’ll be much more likely to appear when someone searches for what you offer just as they’re about to visit.

    Gain deeper insights with Google Ads Shop Visits

    Shop Visits is a performance metric available in Google Ads’ Estimated Total Conversions feature. Shop Visits estimates how many people went to your shop because they saw your advertisement by noting how close people are to your shop location when your advertisement is displayed and then tracking if they visit. 

    This data can tell you a lot about how well your local online advertising is working to increase shop traffic for your company, and it can help you design even better, smarter local ad campaigns. Why is the Shop Visits metric only a guess? First and foremost, Google designed Shop Visits to protect customer privacy and security.

    The metrics are based on anonymous insights from a sample set of users who have enabled Location History on their devices, and advertisers are never given a user’s exact location. There are a few other considerations with the Shop Visits option. Its insights only cover customer visits to your shop’s location, not in-store transactions or conversions – and your company must meet a few criteria to use Shop Visits.


    Don’t underestimate the power of online advertising in increasing shop traffic. When you create a Google Ads campaign that helps people find you on their screens as well as on the street, you put yourself on the map as a go-to destination for the things that your local customers want, while also making shopping easier for them and increasing in-store traffic.

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