The Ultimate List of Create Facebook Pole | Do’s and Don’ts (In 2022)

What is Facebook pole ?

A Pole allows you to easily and quickly collect answers from your followers on Facebook. This is a survey that will help you learn more about what people think, want, and feel about your business. We always recommend to use Facebook poles to engage with your audience.
A Facebook poll is a great marketing tool to use for events. People will respond to a Facebook pole than they would to an email because it will only take a second of their browsing session . To start, create questions that are relevant to your industry and target audience, then run the pole on your page, post it in groups you’re part of or both.
The latest update includes a live polling feature which lets you ask questions.
Facebook proposes five types of surveys that can be very useful in order to get interesting conclusions

How is Facebook pole useful for your business?

Facebook pole is also being used as an engagement tool. It engages with your customers through polls by asking them what they think of your product or service. In this way, you are able to know your clients’ preference and it helps putting effort into what they want. You can even use the poll to see which of your product is more popular among them. It is also a great way to generate leads and increase website traffic by asking questions that people want to answer

Our online pole asked audiences how they found out about our events. The responses, which were volunteered by respondents, include Facebook, Google+, Word of mouth, and various other sources.
A Facebook pole can be a great way to reach customers and get feedback from them. For example, you could run a pole for your restaurant and offer a 20% discount if they select the most popular food on the menu. This is a good way to incentivize people to answer the pole, while also gaining important information about what your best items are. You can also target the demographic in which you want a response by selecting certain platforms in the poling setting.
Separate poles are created for different age groups(click here to learn more about IBP). The pole is then advertised to all the people in the particular age group. Results are recorded and analyzed, which helps business owners find out what products or services their target market is interested in.
When it comes to the question of whether or not Facebook is relevant in 2022, the answer is a definite yes. Facebook has surpassed 2.2 billion daily active users which means that it’s only logical that advertisers would want to use this social media platform for their business. Businesses can boost their numbers by creating surveys or polls on Facebook and then promote them on the platform.

Here’s how to create Facebook pole step by step

Fb poll is created only in groups in which you belong, not on your fb main feed.

  1. Go to groups tab on your desktop/mobile.
  2. Select the grey area which says write something.
  3. Select the pole option in the list given.
  4. Write your pole question and explore the additional options.
  5. Click on the post button to post your pole.

Similary you can make fb poll for stories, to promote your events.

Sharing Facebook pole results for growing your business

A Facebook poll can be an easy way to boost business by getting more people to take notice of your company. This is done by encouraging your followers to like and share the poll in order to get more attention from their friends and family members. When people like and share the poll, it appears in their own feed and in their friends’ feeds, which encourages them to like and share the post as well. The more responses there are, the better chance you have of reaching a lot of new customers.

What you should not do with Facebook poles?

Don’t flood your groups with more than 5-6 Facebook polls a week.

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