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Our Cutting Edge tech Research Lab

Mtrench Is Preparing For The Future, We Are Researching On Blockchain, IOT, AI, Hyper Automation

AI Lab

In our AI Lab we have over 10 volunteer who are working hard to achieve excellence 

Web3.0 Lab

In our Web3.0 Lab we have over 10 volunteer who are working hard to achieve excellence 

Hyper Automation Lab

In our Hyper Automation Lab we have over 10 volunteer who are working hard to achieve excellence 


In our IOT Lab we have over 10 volunteer who are working hard to achieve excellence 

$ 100 B

Software Industry

With 8.2% growth Rate Tech Market Is Growing

10 +

Software Solution

Mtrench Is Ready To Innovate And Launch Most Creative Solutions To The Problem

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Different Suits

We Are Covering Different Industries And Providing Solution To It

Industry Insights

In 2023 how different industries are approaching the future and growing at a speed of lightning

Industry We Help In

Welcome to Mtrench

Our Creative Story

Our journey started in 2019 when our founder tried to solve the critical problem in the marketing industry. Form then we have grown so well that not now we are over 30 members in our team and 5+ mentors with us. In 2021 we decided to go beyond marketing and started full fledged business solution with technological enhancements and other aspect of the business. As a creative brand we one of the leading solution provider who vow to 100% customer satisfaction and quality with quantity.

Our Mindset

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an one roof excellent organization that serves all the aspects of
1. information technology services and products to think, build, deploy, scale and automate any and all LMSMEs, businesses, startups and creative individuals to unlock the full potential of the future and achieve greatness
2. Business growth and achieve creative, efficient, effective, agile solutions for them with the help of marketing, business development, creative designing and branding.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make any and all LMSMEs, businesses, startups and creative individuals grow at a pace of lightning with the help of our
1. ecosystem model
2. Information technology products and services
3. Business solutions like marketing, business development, creative designing and branding.

Our Moto

Our Moto is to achieve excellency and innovation through creativity


How We Can Help You

Complete SEM

Beat your competition now.

Complete Search Engine Solution

Have you stuck with your website? We are offering SEO, ORM, Web content creation, paid ads solution under one roof.

Complete SMM

Boost your Social Media game with us.

Complete SEM

Are you not seeing any growth on your social media? or, maybe you are not getting any business from the social media. Do not worry we are providing complete social media solutions for you including content creation, branding, management and marketing all together.

Content Creation Solution

Have you ever heard that “Content Is King” ?

Complete Content Creation Solution

Either it is for search engine or social media we got you covered. We will create a strong brand presence of yours through content creation with different formats like premium quality video content and graphical content as well.

Affiliate Marketing Solution

Let us boost your organic conversions

Affiliate Marketing Solution

Most people know about affiliate marketing but doesn’t know how to enable it on your business and see a immense growth. we can help you achieve more organic sales than your paid campaign through affiliate marketing.

Software Development solutions

Develop scalability with us

Software Development solutions

Most people develop software for their business but while scaling they face huge problem in their software this is because of their software is not scalable. We got you covered in that area, not only we will develop software but will make sure the scalability of it.

Business Digitization Solution

Unlock the potential

Business Digitization Solution

Are you still operating in offline mode? most small businesses do but for that they also loose a lot of opportunity that was waiting for them. Let us help you in your business digitization journey and make great together.

Complete Branding

what is your Identity?

Complete Branding

Perhaps branding is the only thing that are overlooked by small businesses and new entrepreneurs. if your brand is not resonating with your targeted audience you will see a fall of your business soon. Let us help you prevent that. We can help you with brand personality development, brand identity development and many more

Product Development Support

Achieve the imagination

Complete Product Development Support

Developing a product tat works well and keeps a room for enhancement that is the key to success. Let us build your product, Let us build your dream

Integrated Business Support

Support that means something

Integrated Business Support

We integrate so smooth that you doubt on your own team. Contact us to work with us

We Worked With

Loved by Many

I have worked with Mtrench for over a year and I do recommend Mtrench for creative solution and technological enhancement of the brand
Jessica Sommer
In our company we struggled in business automation for long long time but after having Mtrench as our integrated partner we not only achieved business process automation through technology we also achieved more and more customer retention.
Bryan Lambert
Not having an integrated marketing team is not something that I highly recommend because achieveing business goals becomes easy when you have a dedicated team for getting the job done. Thanks Mtrench.
Kristin Foster

Case Studies

Read these case studies and  know how exactly we achieved results for our clients

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Meet Our Team

Tuphan Banerjee

CEO, Founder

Adarsh Thakur

Brand Expert

Arsalan Ahmed

Marketing Expert

Himanshu Yadav

Creative Expert

Abdul Rahman Khan

Chief In Tech


Announcing Our First Ever Software Ecosystem "Cubicle"

We are happy to announce our first software "Qdesk" of our first software suit "Cubicle". This is an office suit software ecosystem dedicated to provide top notch solution for the companies and employees

Tanuj Chauhan

Research Head

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