Why does your face appear in Google ads, and how to stop it?

    You’re thinking about investing in a fresh pair of shoes. Your friend’s face is next to a four-star review he left for Shoe Emporium below one of the shoe ads that appear after a quick Google search for shoes. Super hot shoes at great prices in a variety of vibrant colors! Google is making a bet that people are more likely to click on a Google ad when they receive a personal recommendation from a friend.  your real face may already be appearing online. 

    If you haven’t already taken steps to prevent Google from using your account information in its ads that is. In just three simple steps we’ll demonstrate how to do it if you haven’t already. You may have heard that Google quietly updated its Terms of Service a few weeks ago. If you’re like most people you probably missed it and may not have made it a habit of reading any company’s accompanying terms and conditions  Google included.

    Why that may be a problem?

    The advertisements won’t only show up on typical Google searches. There are 2 million websites that are a part of the Google ad network making it possible for a person’s face to appear on any of them. So it may cause  stress to you

    Why would Google do this to you?

    Google’s latest  Privacy & Terms update says the company can display a lot about you in ads and other commercial contexts. This includes your  Google profile name profile photo and actions you take on Google or third-party applications connected to your Google Account such as +1’s reviews you write and recommendations you post in our Services according to Google’s new and in our opinion not improved terms.

    Shared Endorsements by Google 

    All of this is a part of Google’s new Shared Endorsements program which guarantees that your review recommendations and other relevant activity reach the people you care about in the form of ads and other shopping contexts that they may see while browsing the Google Play store and other places for apps music and other items.

    Here is how to disable shared endorsements on your Google profile 

    To avoid having your face appear in Google ads simply follow these simple steps:

    1. Open your Google account and log in.

    2. Visit the Shared Endorsements page on Google and scroll to the bottom of the page.

    3. Remove the check mark next to Google may use my name and profile picture in shared endorsements that appear in advertisements based on my activity.

    You won’t exactly escape Google’s notice once you quickly choose to opt-out. Not. However, at least Google ads won’t include you.


    It’s difficult to avoid Google and other social networks in this modern era. So read every policy from top to bottom before creating an account.

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