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    About us

    Our journey started in 2019 when our founder tried to solve a critical problem in the marketing industry. Since then we have grown so well that we have over 30 members in our team and 5+ mentors with us. In 2021 we decided to go beyond marketing and started a full-fledged business solution with technological enhancements and other aspects of the business. As a creative brand, we are one of the leading solution providers who vow to 100% customer satisfaction and quality with quantity.


    We are on a mission to make all LMSMEs, businesses, startups, and creative individuals grow at a pace of lightning with the help of our

    1. ecosystem model

    2. Information technology products and services

    3. Business solutions like marketing, business development, creative designing, and branding.


    Our vision is to build a one-roof excellent organization that serves all aspects of

    1. information technology services and products to think, build, deploy, scale, and automate all LMSMEs, businesses, startups, and creative individuals to unlock the full potential of the future and achieve greatness

    2. Business growth and achieve creative, efficient, effective, agile solutions for them with the help of marketing, business development, creative designing, and branding.


    Back in 2019, we started as a marketing company that serves with integrity but then time went by and we realized how creativity with the help of technology can achieve greatness

    Then in 2021 chapter two begins and we develop the vision of the software ecosystem that serves not only the particular industries but all the industries that are helping the future of mankind.

    And now we are here to serve you as the “best IT and Digital Marketing company in Kolkata”.

    What do we do in Kolkata?

    Best Provider of Digital Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how the quality and the quantity of website traffic are maximized. The target is set for maximizing the traffic which you can manage through getting noticed by the potential customers or making brand awareness which helps in the long run. 

    Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps you in establishing the business and increasing the competitiveness in the market. The advising of the business online has provided in managing the business enhancement which helps you to establish the business on reaching people well. 

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing allows in making brand collaboration through an online influencer to market on managing the products and services. We can help to manage you with an influencer who may help you optimize and launch the product or the campaign effectively. Allowing an influencer to manage the marketing helps in analyzing different social media personalities such as bloggers and other celebrities which helps you to get potential consumers. 

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing being a performance-based marketing helps in managing individuals and companies in promoting the products and services through a unique affiliate link. It helps in promoting products in different kinds of channels including different kinds of websites, email marketing, social media, and other digital platforms. The affiliate link has a tracking code that helps manage the product code on paying appropriate commissions to the affiliate. 

    Content Creation & Content Marketing

    Content creation is the process through which marketing material is created for publishing and producing the original content for a specific purpose such as informing, entertaining, educating, and engaging with the target customers. Itaims to create valuable content for marketing so that it helps in attracting customers effectively. 

    Content marketing is a procedure in attracting content for retaining customers and managing the goal that helps in driving profitable customer action. The marketing process includes generating leads, building brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty, or driving sales. Content marketing produces and distributes relevant, valuable, and consistent content to a specific target audience to drive profitable customer action.


    Branding helps in creating a unique identity and image for a product, service, or company in the minds of consumers. It includes developing a name, logo, tagline, messaging, and other visual and verbal elements that differentiate the brand from its competitors and evoke a specific set of emotions and associations in the minds of consumers. The branding process includes developing a brand strategy that outlines the values, mission, and vision of the business or product, as well as the target audience and messaging. 

    Paid Ads

    Paid advertising, also called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is a digital marketing strategy in which businesses are paid to display ads on various online platforms, such as search engines, social media sites, and websites. It also allow businesses to target potential consumers based on factors such as demographics, interests, and location. Paid ads can be like search engine ads, display ads, video ads, and social media ads. The advertiser gets paid each time a user clicks on their ad, or for a set number of impressions, depending on the advertising platform and campaign type.

    Best Provider Of Digital Marketing

    Web Design and Development

    Web development tries to create websites and web applications. The process includes the development of the front-end user interface, which is what users first see and interact with, as well as the back-end programming and database management that powers the website. Web development also includes content management systems, the creation of e-commerce platforms, and web-based software applications.

    Android Development

    App development involves the creation of mobile applications for use on smartphones and tablets—both the front-end user interface and the back-end programming power the app. App development may include working with a specific operating system, such as Android or iOS, and may also include the use of programming languages such as Java, Swift, or Kotlin.

    Windows application

    Windows software development refers to the procedure of the creation of software applications that run on the Windows operating system. The procedure includes productivity software, such as specialized software for industries such as finance, healthcare, or engineering, as well as word processors or spreadsheets. Windows software development involves programming languages such as Visual Basic, C++, or C#.

    Other brands in Kolkata 

    1. Oxedent

    They are providing services to help businesses make money through data-driven online advertising and in managing conversion-optimized landing pages. The services provided by the company include PPC for e-commerce, Google Ads management, and Social Ads management. They imply, “We bet we’ll be the last agency to work with; you’ll never go anywhere else! We don’t make big promises, we earn you big bucks!”. 

    2. Kreative Machinez

    Kreative Machinez aids in providing quality work and in managing a deadline which catalysts in making any website visible and profitable through the implementation of the best tools and techniques. The agency claims to provide you with sustainability online and in managing better partnerships. 

    3. PromotEdge

    PromotEdge helps in nurturing and delivering ideas for making a holistic brand by managing the goals and vision of the clients. Client obsession and impact-driven thinking are the things followed by the company through responsibility management. The company focuses on excellence in understanding empathy for better management of the organization and the clients. 

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    And now we are here to serve you as the “best IT and Digital Marketing company in Kolkata”. We are providing.

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